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In 2012 someone gifted me the book “Making Soaps and Candles for Dummies”.  After several months of researching, joining soap blogs and forums, and reading some more…… I decided to try it.  To my surprise my first bar of soap wasn’t bad it all.  It smelled good, was hard and had a pretty color.  It was a great bar of natural soap for cleansing, moisturizing and pure made with love.

I couldn’t wait for more supplies to come in to make my next batch of soap.  I even dreamed of soap.  I started making my own candles, bath bombs, lotions, bath salts and lip balms.  My family encouraged me to make it a business since I was so addicted.  So here I am SOAP JUNKY IN LOVE!!  

All of my soap is completely from scratch, using raw natural ingredients and recipes I created. The ingredients I use to make my handmade soaps vary, depending on the type of soap. All of our vegans spa body and bath products are made with pure essential oils along with organic juice, teas or plant base milk. Please make a mental note that although lye is one of the ingredients used to create soap, there is no lye left in my good-for-your-skin soaps! Give it a try and you won’t be sorry......IT'S JUST LIKE PARADISE